Leather Steering Wheel Covers — Benefits Of Using Them On Your Cars

I love my car and I love driving. If you really love your car, then it is only natural that you take care of it well. A well maintained car will last long and also you will get good returns on second hand sales of these cars. One thing that gets really damaged in vehicles is the steering wheels.

If you drive more than 10000 miles, then your steering wheel show enough signs of wear and tear. Below is a pic of my Dad’s worn out leather steering wheel of BMW M3.

Worn out leather steering wheel of BMW M3

Doesn’t it look very bad? So to avoid this problem I always buy great quality leather steering wheel covers for my cars. This list from My Wheel Covers has some of the best selling wheel covers in leather. Most of them are below $20 and can do lot to protect your car’s original wheel cover.

Don’t you think $20 is a good price to save your M3’s steering wheel?

Below is the wheel cover I bought from the above list.

Black leather steering wheel cover from mywheelcovers.com

As I said, a little bit of care and planning from your side can protect your vehicle and make it look like brand new. I am a student and I don’t make much money to buy new cars every year, so this is my only choice.

Not just steering wheel covers, I buy lots of accessories for my cars and I cover all the items like car seats, floor etc. This way I protect my car interiors with any scratches or wear and tear.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hear your comments :)