Tents on Sidewalks Are Inhumane and Aren’t Housing
Scott Wiener

his is an incredibly misleading and dishonest post. The objective reality “on the ground”, that the city has created, is the choice between a tent or a sleeping bag on a cold sidewalk. The Pier has been at full capacity every single day as far as beds have been made available according to city data, or has fallen short due to mis-coordination between shelter waiting rooms and the Pier. I have witnessed people being turned down at the Pier’s door and sat overnight at MSC shelter in a chair just last week as all the shelters were at full capacity. And many of those refusing to relocate to the Pier have justified reason to do so, the same way refugees have denied or resisted state encampments and marginalized housing in much of the world. Pier 80 is “inhumane and not housing” by any measure of long-term housing provision in developed nations, as many of its users have been homeless for over a year. Its a fine (and important) short term reprieve, but it does not excuse the city orders to desist from camping, when there is literally absolutely no place inside for 2,000 citizens of San Francisco. The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights has deemed this sort of action in violation of its charter, and Obama’s Department of Justice issued a brief on the exact same action in Boise in violation of the 8th amendment.

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