What to do with my shiny new domain?

Regular follows of this blog will be well aware that I recently purchased the domain name chrisholton.com. If you didn’t read that last post… (I would normally link out to it here, but it is so useless that there is no point doing so. )

Now we get on to the good stuff…

I already have a personal blog but the plan with this new domain is to build not a blog but a website. I reckon I will attempt to use it as a personal profile in which I can showcase the work and projects that I have been a part of .

Ideas of things that I could use it to showcase:

  • Work at Snaptrip and WhatUsersDo
  • Article in the press / general interweb that I have been mentioned in
  • Skills that I have acquired
  • Blogs about topics that I have been working on
  • Reviews of Software that I have used

I haven’t yet used Medium extensively, which is why I am populating this blog with a stream of consciousness. I want to check it out and point my custom domain to this page, so first I need content.

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