I’m a black man. Here’s what happened when I booked an Airbnb.
Rohan Gilkes

Interesting article, but the comments are even more interesting. Why is it that when a minority claims racism, the majority claims that the events were not endemic. In other words, why does Rohan have to come up with hard facts to back up his story? We see this all too often. When a Muslim commits an illegal act, in the view of the majority, he is representative of his minority. But vice versa, when a representative of the majority commits a crime, he is considered the exception, the lunatic, and we are quick to point this out. I don’t know the psychological reason for this behaviour but I guess it has to do with us versus them thinking, a very primal and tribal way of looking at our society. Unfortunately, other than pointing out this biased behaviour, I have no solution other than creating awareness of this.