The UX-factor: why I don’t care where or what you studied
Bram Bos

Gargh! Another designer sprouting the fallacy that UX design is some modern discovery. What — before the ’90s, anything that had good UX design was pure luck and quite rare?

UX design has been with us since some fella sharpened a stick, and evolving ever since, and will continue to evolve as long as we are developing, inventing and designing new products.

Each new new blend of form and function requires new challenges to usability.

In the ’70s, Marantz designed beautiful and easy to use interfaces controlled by knobs and switches despite “UX design” being 30 years away from being “discovered”.

Please, stop with the UX BS about it being some modern miracle (building a “brave new world”!) that’s saved the world not a moment too soon.

I find it very sad that in this modern world we have to actually have such a pronounced focus on the “user experience”.

Have designers of the last few decades been that poorly educated? Did “usability” stop being taught in design?

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