If you had 5 teams of people standing around you all demanding your attention, would you say the…
David D'Antonio

“If you had 5 teams of people standing around you all demanding your attention, would you say the problem is people speaking?”

Yes, absolutely! They’re being very rude and inconsiderate.

“Self-discipline is required in the work world no matter the tools we use.”

Indeed, but Slack needs to do its part too.

We are being bombarded with more and more interruptive technology we *have* to use. And yet we’re still saying it’s mostly the individual’s responsibility to resolve it?

Slack has gone from being a team collaboration tool, where it was easy to manage, as you’d only be in one or two teams at most, so a community collaboration tool, where you find you need to belong to many groups.

In many cases, Slack is being used as a replacement for online discussion forums.

It was clearly never made or intended for that, but that’s what’s happened, and that’s what happens with popular software.

Slack now needs to either address that, or force it back to being for teams not communities.

Look at the iPhone. It became a millstone with all its interuptions.

Rather than blaming the users, telling them just to “switch it off”, or improve their self-discipline, Apple sought a solution and to help. That is one of their key drivers for the Apple Watch. That is, to reduce and better manage user’s interruptions.

(Not that Apple are perfect. They did release the notorious “You’re holding it wrong” response to Antennagate.)

If you’re going to have a popular product, you are going to have to accept responsibility for ensuring user’s experience is a good one.

I know Slack do, and are working to resolve these issues, despite many people blaming the users.

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