Instagram Is Ruining Vacation
Mary Pilon

Sadly, we rush from moment to moment, and as fast as one is photographed, posted, and liked, it is forgotten.

In the past, the only way people at home knew you were alive was the occasional postcard. Now, you getting a running commentary on social media so it’s like you haven’t even left. And in a way — caring more about what social media thinks — you haven’t.

Before social media, we had to wait to get back home before we could show, tell, re-show, re-tell our photos and stories. So, we could enjoy our holidays.

Yes, on our return and regaling, our friends and families wanted to poke forks in their eyes and stuff carrots in their ears, but we the traveller relived our travels, which greatly enriched the experience and the memory.

Now, when you get home, there’s little more to tell and nothing to show because it’s all been posted on facebook or instagram, and long since disappeared into history.

The moments we seek on our travels are so quickly forgotten, and rarely relived.

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