Glad to have your input, Chris.
Patti Wigley Podnar

Can I get the care when I need it? In my case, yes (aortic valve replacement) — I’d say there’s some triage activity going on here depending on urgency of the care and the queue of people waiting for it, as other things can take a while. I have a role for sure, and was able to select the type of valve I wanted (bovine as opposed to plastic). I can’t really answer the question about terminal illness as I haven’t had to deal with that, though I know of situations where the patient is presented with options, and others where a patient is clearly beyond the value of continued treatment and their families have gone to court to have it continued. For your last question I can’t answer it in detail but there have been instances where patients have gone outside the country to receive treatment they couldn’t get here or would have to wait too long for here, so I’d say the answer to that question is a qualified “yes.” I don’t really know much more about that one, though there are private clinics here — for some a contentious issue.