Was CloudKit JS the biggest announcement at WWDC 2015?

This year saw Apple deliver another exciting WWDC conference. There were new features across the board for OS X, iOS and watchOS, further tightening the integration between the three operating systems.

But there was one announcement, which was arguably the biggest news for developers.


CloudKit itself isn’t new — it’s the SDK behind iCloud.

It was however only made available natively to iOS and OS X, making it difficult to build a consistent experience outside of those devices, without writing double writing to another data source. As you’d expect, most app developers want to go cross platform to maximise their reach.

Meet CloudKit JS

CloudKit JS is the new SDK now driving three iCloud web apps — Notes, Photos and Drive.

According to Apple, it was the #1 feature request for CloudKit. CloudKit JS has feature parity to native CloudKit, and uses JS promises. It supports modern browsers, and NodeJS for server to server connectivity.

“ CloudKit JS allows you to build a web interface for users to access the same containers as your CloudKit app running on iOS or OS X ”

There are of course others in this space (namely Parse and Firebase), but I have a good feeling that CloudKit JS could become something big.

Make sure you check it out.

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