How to un-brainwash yourself

There is a deliberate conspiracy to enslave every man, woman and child on this planet through junk food, other drugs, money-addiction and the brainwashing they result in. Fortunately, human society is but a blip in the grand scheme of things. We are just one species. We think it’s an important species because most of us live solely in the human world. There is a solution.

Live beyond our little human society - live on Earth as it is! All of it, not just the human society. Sure, we can’t fly with the birds but when we see all these living organisms around us as part of ourselves, when we FEEL intrinsically connected to the web of life, we become healthy and whole and so don’t have to get depressed about human society and can therefore begin to stop using junk to cope with our pain.

How do we make this connection? By identifying and quitting one of our main sources of addiction. What are you addicted to? Money? Food? Alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs? Sex? Love? The list is endless. Once you quit one dependency, you can begin to quit them all and enjoy a clean mind, free from the brainwashing you’ve been subjected to from birth where you were given all sorts of labels telling you who you are. As long as you stay on the junk, you will not realize this false identity and not be able to discover what you truly are. You will continue to believe the labels other people gave you, wear them like badges, and thus continue to be beset by all manner of self-limiting and negative self-beliefs, leading to a continuous cycle of anxiety and depression that keeps you hooked on junk to cope with your pain.

Unbrainwash yourself. Only you can do it.