The Black/Dark Knight Satellite — Change is coming. Ra, from The Law Of One.

I decided to make and upload a video for YouTube about this because I believe this DARK/BLACK Knight has something to do with the ET connection. I believe it was put their by a race that seeded humanity on Earth last couple of hundred thousand of yrs ago. It is said that this Dark Knight Satellite is only around 13,000 yrs old. I feel like it is much older than this. It was placed to observe humanities development and it acted like a beacon, so when we reach a time in our stage of development, it would let our ‘’creators’’ if you will know that we have advanced enough to understand our true origin. Of course, there’s plenty of groups out there both terrestrial and non terrestrial beings that may not want us to fully know and keep us in the dark. The CABAL has kept us in the dark since they knew about this. The secret Earth societies want to take advantage of this situation and have done for quite some time to be kings of the world so to speak, inherit all of the Earths wealth and use the commoners as they might like to put it, like pawns!

Their’s plenty of carvings out there that indicates ET visitation

They have been doing this for long as civilisations were popping up and slowly but surely taking over every aspect of our lives, right up to modern day, however things are slowly changing. They cant hold onto this power forever and they know that their time is drawing to a close and this is why I believe they have agreed on having a partial disclosure, how all of this will play out is not of my knowledge. I mean from what I have gathered, the pentagon releasing footage's and then we have articles about a black budget. Millions spent and furthermore say that pentagon no longer funds this project but I really dont believe this to be the case. It just goes to show there’s a big change within the military industrial complex taking place. This only has to be a good step in the right direction, we all have to wait and I advise everyone at this time to look from within, make changes if need be and meditate more often.

Ra (The Blue Avian) from the law of one wants us to raise our own vibrations and consciousness to ascend to the next level of our own evolution. This is the age of Aquarius and the time for a golden age is coming but only we can make this happen or not. This is our story.

2012 was not the end as you may already know, I mean not the end of life as we know it, it was an end of a cycle and a birth of a new age. New frequencies have arrived since the solar system is going through energetic cosmic particles, which is affecting all life in the solar system on a molecular level (DNA) and a vibratory level. Time is going fast and faster as you may know. This has something to do with our human consciousness shifting.

Back to the Dark Knight SAT. Why was it put there?

To observe us? a weapon?

watch the video! I talk a bit more in detail. Nikola tesla first discovered this and believed he were getting something of ET origin from it and it came from an object that is orbiting around our planet!

Then during the space race, Americans questioned The Soviets and felt like they have beat the Americans to space. Soviets denied. This was before the first sat from humans came into space, sputnik was not even in space at that point!

Modern day explanation at this point was that this object in space was just a thermal blanket even though it looks nothing like it. Shape and colour is nowhere near to be similar, the other explanation was that it was just space junk or an asteroid. I dont buy any of their explanations. It is definitely of ET origin. We had signals coming from it and a guy from scotland managed to decode the signal and something translated into english and apparently came from a star system ARCTURUS in the BOOTIS(Bootes) constellation!

Is this a joke?! How is this possible?

Well truth really may be stranger than fiction.

Strange. Four objects on this slab? Coincidence? I think not. I would understand if it was only one or two.

Thank you for watching and reading. Stay tuned for more. Follow and subscribe, I will definitely talk more about this in the future.

Chris James Boardman

Written by

An ET contactee and spiritualist - UFO+ET Researcher (8+yrs of research) I am deeply concerned with humanities path and I want a FULL disclosure event

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