We spent months bracing and preparing for the death of our daughter.
Royce Young

Hi Royce. My 15 year old son, Luke, died almost a year ago now in a home accident, but we were very fortunate that he could donate 5 organs and enhance the lives of countless others via tissue/bone donations.

I’m reading your story this morning exactly 1 year to the day when I last saw my son alive… at a Pearl Jam concert of all places!

I felt compelled to write because your experience really touched me, especially when you wrote about how happy you were to be able to donate Eva’s eyes! It is a truly beautiful and selfless thing you all decided to do and I’m sending you a HUGE virtual hug from NJ. I feel you and I celebrate you for sharing and inspiring so many others.

If you want to learn more about my son, Luke (bringer of light), you can go to www.teamluke.info and then click through to his Instagram page where I share so many fun memories. I hope (I know) they will make you smile/laugh. And we all need that! Be well and bless you all.

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