Day six – The door is open but are real people leaving?

I’m loosing followers all over social media and chances are you are too. While numbers aren’t greatly important, while investigating if the loss is down to me just making content people don’t like I’ve discovered a significant rise in botting over the past six months.

If it isn’t a generic ‘🔥👍🏼👌🏼🙏’ emoji comment or ‘artisanal beard trimming’ company in Detroit adding me on Instagram (have you seen my face? I still haven’t reached the heights of being able to grow more than what can only be described as face pubes) then it’s a questionable twitter profile with the word marketing scattered all over their bio and a never ending retweet list of ‘top 10 ways to improve you SEO’.

Im glad to see that either the social media brands are attempting to clamp down on spam profiles or maybe the ‘auto dislike’ switch has been flicked, either way…

Good riddance, what’s the point?

Can someone please explain to me why such practices exist? While I can attempt to see a shred of logic within the idea of attempting to spam brands with your work for the hope of grabbing their attention, what impression do you give by spamming accounts with blatantly obvious off topic comments or advertising?

I wonder with Instagram specifically, is this situation damaging the service? Or are people more interested in the volume of perceived ‘interest’ in their posts over real connections on the app?

I’m of the opinion voiced by Gary Vaynerchuk that ‘marketers ruin everything’

Without sounding too dramatic is this a sign of Instagram’s demise?

Let me know your thoughts, are you experiencing the same thing?