Frame and forget

This was the first photo I shared on Instagram. I had just returned from a 4 day trip to Amsterdam that resulted in 2 days of terrible food poisoning (don’t trust fast food at Brussels midi train station!) After getting off one of the last Eurostar trains of the night and feeling slightly disoriented, I stumbled upon this walkway at St Pancras station. Prior to this moment I had no idea such a place existed.

My last post mentioned that I’ve been using Instagram for just over a year now and this encouraged me to reflect on my past work. Reviewing my images after not seeing them for a long time brought back a mix of emotions and memories associated with the experience and process of capturing them. It also allowed me to view my progress as a creative, treating each post as though it were a. diary entry, a visual representation of my change in influences, style and message.

In the ‘age of now’ I feel that we can be liable to frame and forget, constantly chasing the next scene but there’s great value from time to time in returning to the past. Whenever I come across someone’s work I admire I always find myself digging deep through their feed, sometimes going back 3 or 4 years. While this action is commonly associated with the creepy ex lurking on social media hoping to find a shred of hope that you’re still into them, I view this process like exploring the discography of a music artist. The great thing about creativity is that it allows our true feelings and voice emerge, sometimes without us realisisng until months, or years later.

The next time you have a spare moment or are feeling a little creatively dry take a long scroll through your Instagram/Flickr/500px/whatever feed. Take in the memories and see how you’ve grown as a creative. Uplifting progress can be found.