Why I choose to be a photographer without a ‘camera’

‘But if you don’t have a camera how are you taking photos then genius?’

Simple I use my phone!

With the rise of smartphone technology that is built to appeal to photographers with hardware upgrades such as dual lens setups or wider apertures, for a large percentage of enthusiasts, their phone will be sufficient.

The biggest advantage of mobile photography is the simplicity. I feel one of the main reasons why consumer grade digital cameras have seen such a drop on their demand since 2011 is due to the easy to use nature of a camera that’s always in your pocket. While many manufacturers now offer wifi connectivity and even downloadable apps, the experience is clumsy and can never be as simple as shooting, editing and sharing on one device.

But what about quality?

There are those who feel photography is a process of precise calculations on a journey that strives for perfection while others consider it an art form which promotes freedom of expression. While I don’t have the low light capabilities of a Sony A7S or the mammoth megapixels of a Canon 5DSR , let’s be honest. It’s only going on Instagram anyway. What’s the point in creating a 100 megapixel composite image that’s likely to be viewed on a screen no bigger than 13 inches? On my own website I’ve spoken in the past about image quality and while a smartphone is not perfect, you can still print A3 sized images with ease.

What makes a good photograph?

Drama, intrigue, emotion, passion…a story. This can be achieved on any machine capable of producing an image seen by the human eye. Surely that’s all that matters?