The Anger of the White Male Lie
Ijeoma Oluo

Full disclosure: I am a white male. I like to say that I am passionate about equality issues (although, not coming from america it is more often the gender side of the equation that I find myself behind).

I would like to dream of a world where we really can tell people that they can be anything, and that limitless opportunities are there for everyone. This is my ideal world, and though I realise that presently it is a fantasy, I think we need ideal goals to work towards as a society. I do genuinely believe it is possible to achieve some part of this eventually, but we need to tear down the barriers and push people up instead of putting new barriers up and pulling people down. It is also an interesting point that the system we currently have does make false promises to some and also completely shuts the gate on others.

That said, I also know that I have been very fortunate in my life. Not just being born the privileged race, gender, and nationality, but being born to an amazing family who continue to support me through everything. I also realise, when reading articles like this, that I can never fully empathise with people who haven’t been as fortunate as me. I can try, but the best thing I can do is listen. Really listen, and really hear what they have to say. That means put myself in their shoes as much as possible, and try to wear them in all aspects of my life. In this way, hopefully I’ll be a part of the movement towards real equality that passes from generation to generation.

So thank you for this article. I genuinely do need to be reminded that there are other viewpoints from people who were put on a different playing field than me and this made me stop and think.