User Experience Stories: Presentation Improv

Challenge — iPad eDetail software salespeople used to detail physicians was cumbersome.

Story, Strategy, and Solution
While developing a major update to a Veeva presentation for a pharma-company client, we found out from the sales team, that the existing iPad presentation, was very hard to use, and most people on the sales team were not using it on sales calls.

During multiple sessions with the sales team, we reviewed the existing content, and problems with the existing presentation. It became apparent that a one-size fits all approach, simply does not work in the various contexts when a sales person is detailing a physician about a drug product. The interaction could be as short as 30 seconds (one slide), 2 minutes (3 or 4 slides), 5 minutes, or a 25 minute lunch and learn session. This presentation had to cover all of those contexts, on the fly.

First we culled any content that was not important to the core message and improved content on how to use the product safely and effectively.

We modified the navigation to provide instant visual cues on where you were in the presentation, and a quick overlay for two-taps to anywhere else in the presentation.

We presented detailed working prototypes to the team, and won quick approval to proceed with the new design.

How can you design your user experience to be flexible?

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