User Experience Stories: Staff Training in Digital

Challenge — Project and Creative Teams with experience in paper-based projects, having difficulty in transitioning to digital.

Story, Strategy, and Solution
The agency I was consulting with, had a strong legacy in print materials, with a matching production process and mindset.

There was a general discomfort among the team members in working with digital delivery for web sites and mobile applications. Most of the deliverables from the print team were static comps (although beautifully done) that did not capture the interaction details and user experience. The deliverables typically presented to clients, elicited more questions from clients instead of providing a clear strategy and story about the solution.

I suggested to management, that I put together one-day digital prototyping bootcamp, that showed how the digital process works, and how it’s different from the traditional print production process.

In the class, I worked through a developing a simple digital app for an iPhone, from conceptual design on paper, to a working prototype on the iPhone using simple presentation software (Keynote or PowerPoint).

For many students it was an eye opener to the digital process. Some students even made their own prototypes for client presentation that same week.

Can you come up with a bootcamp to help your employees transition to digital?

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