Part of why I’m building my company with my young kids.

2016 Fresh Pressed EVOO picture taken by my young son.

2014 Texas Angel Oil came to be producing world class extra virgin olive oil out of our Texas orchards. It’s challenging enough to build a company, as I’ve done many times over, but to build it with my two children 12 & 14 involved in every step. It’s been a slower process than I’m accustomed to, but the education and time together has been and is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I know what you’re thinking, Texas and olive oil? Good? Yes, Texas olive oil is second to none, but I get ahead of myself.

I like keeping things simple, in part due to time limitations. I grew up being beat over the head that college is my only option, my only chance, to have any future in this life. Wow was that terrible advice from very well intended individuals! Don’t get me wrong I think college has tremendous merit, assuming you go for a specific degree like Engineering, Medical, etc… Random degree’s-well not so much.

I realize now with a couple of years under my belt the main reason for that ill fated advice was that many people simply don’t know another path. I sure as heck didn’t know another way until I learned it both the very very hard way and from mentor’s in my life. Work for someone else and you will make them rich, but build a company and the sky is the limit. The latter is extremely tough and I have always respected the people who know that building a company is not for them.

Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is not just a family business with my two children (ages 12 & 14), it is a business suited to have my children involved. A chance for them to see how a business is built and participate in almost every aspect. So yes you do and will see some things that are just slightly, “off”. Like the product photos that were taken by my son. Don’t get me wrong for I think he did a great job, but obviously he has more to learn. Also, as many of you have seen and contacted me about random blog posts from my daughter on the Texas Angel News blog. Well, at least my children are involved, trying, learning, and moving forward.

Every business makes mistakes and I hope this gives my children the opportunity to make some of those mistakes in order to avoid them in the future. Don’t worry for the specialized blending on Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is solely in the hands of a great man I was blessed to be in contact with. The quality of the product is not subject to mistakes, but some photos, labels, and posts on extra virgin olive oil might be.

How do you go from the IT world with the likes of Cisco Systems, Cogent Communications, among co-founding several other IT companies to olive orchards? Soon, but another time..

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