Thoughts from the Dark of the Night

They say it is the darkest before the light, yet I question this. I think it is just cliche, words used by people who have never seen that darkness. Depression is not sadly waiting through the night until the sun comes up in the morning, It is slowly sinking into the Mariana Trench. The deeper you sink the darker it becomes, the water cools farther, and the pressure crushes you.

I believe we have truly lost much of the human experience, we have traded it for 5" microcomputers. We are advertisements. Content to look at a picture and a caption of a “friend” but not genuinely interact. Pleasantries it seems; I don’t want my photo liked, I want a phone call. I want a how are you, what is new, what’s going on, it’s been too long, we should talk more often. Yet the phone doesn’t ring. Maybe that’s my fault, maybe I bet on one person always being there and he’s gone. Maybe everyone else is moving on and I am still standing alone waiting for someone to move on with when I should just give up and settle for anyone willing to share a few years with me. I did this to myself, I moved away. I alienated myself. I thought I could go it alone and figure things out, and maybe I am wrong. Is life passing me by one dark night at a time or am I sinking into the Trench, I can’t tell.

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