You are no different than a Trump supporter
Andrew Patricio

Here’s what I fear

  • The dangerous suggestion that all fears are equal
  • The reducing of all human decision-making to emotion
  • The idea that there are no choices and beliefs that are more rational than others
  • Which leads to the equivalence of ideologies including racism, fascism, socialism, liberalism, conservatism, cannibalism, capitalism, sadism, masochism and sexism are the same: they@ most certainly are not! It is perfectly reasonable to prefer some over others and my preferences may be more rational, saner, and closer to truth than yours.
  • For example, it was perfectly reasonable to fear Hitler if you were a Jew, a minority, gay or communist.
  • The equivalences here logically lead to moral equivalences. In other words erasing ethical distinctions between right and wrong, or good and evil (as Nietzsche would put it).

Let me say in conclusion that I support neither Trump nor Clinton. In fact I find both despicable and deceitful. I am a socialist/communist far to the left of so-called Sandernistas. I do not want to argue these positions, but I welcome a discussion of the bulleted points above.