“The dangerous suggestion that all fears are equal.”
John F. Nixon

I have no idea how you measure emotions to come up with equivalences to say that all fears are ‘more or less equal,” but I can definitely tell you that all my fears are in no way equal. I fear snakes, dying suddenly and alone, losing my job, gaining weight and losing my keys. I assure you that some of these fears are more intense than others.

But what’s the point? Saying that everyone fears and all fears are equal says nothing interesting about this election or the behavior of voters. Sure some people vote on the basis of emotion, but NOT all people do. To maintain the contrary is to give up the fight, cancel elections, jury trials, and much that defines civilization. So I reject both your argument and the main one. Yes we have emotions. Emotions can be enjoyable and even useful but they aren’t the be all of being human. I suspect you might be a Star Trek fan.

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