Election Thoughts

The day of the election was filled with anxious nerves but also ironic sentiments of how I thought the election was going to go - how the election must possibly go - because any other way would be completely absurd. Boy, was I, like most, wrong. Watching Trump fill the election map red on the TV was super concerning and friends who I was texting with at the time all said the same thing, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” The night was wearing on and it seemed extremely hopeless and when I read on the screen that Clinton conceded, my heart sank.

Being a woman of color with immigrant parents and relatives with homosexual family members, I couldn’t believe that someone so vile and outright against everything I know to be normal in my life won one of the most important and powerful positions in the world. It was even more disheartening to know that so many out there voted for him and essentially felt the same way he did. He has become the catalyst for all the bigotry, racism, sexism and any other discriminatory, angry feelings people have always undoubtedly possessed but up until now, have no made such noise on such a national level.

I cried after hearing the news. Shock, disbelief and sadness crept over me that didn’t and hasn't dissipated yet. I worry for my family, I worry for my future and I worry for the state of other people who find themselves at the other end of Trump’s social, political and economical spectrum. It honestly seems like we’ve stepped back in time and all the progress that has been made in America is so easily jeopardized now.

President Trump. Writing this whole thing brought tears to my eyes.

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