Top Five Details We Know About IMMO

Enveloped in secret, the creation of IMMO has managed to attract the attention of many media outlets, as well as experts in the field of cryptocurrency. Literally half a year ago, nothing was known about the project: in the media space, only rumors circled. For example, IMMO has been associated with the Rothschild banker’s dynasty by numerous sources. But earlier this month, a High1000 Evangelist, an IMMO-controlled organization, made the first public statement on behalf of IMMO on Forbes. As stated by the High1000 Evangelist, Gabriel Brack, rumors of a connection with the Rothschilds are mere speculation and in fact there is no connection. So what really is true and what is known about IMMO at the moment?

Despite the fact that IMMO remained in the shadows for a long time, we managed to find many references to the project throughout the media. We easily found the official site of the IMMO Foundation, including one of the old versions of IMMO Manifest, a document that is commonly called the White Paper in the crypto community. Thus, all the information in this article is taken from open public sources.

1. IMMO — intrinsic value paradigm

IMMO is backed by a decentralized portfolio of established assets with intrinsic value, and thus may be considered as a fair store of value. The value of the IMMO token is generally recognized and undeniable, because it is provided with the value of material wealth, which is represented as certain primary needs from the Maslow pyramid. The fundamental assets that contribute to the intrinsic value are real estate, land, water, and technology. The demand for each of these assets is constantly growing, or at least not falling.

2. IMMO — the trust legal structure

IMMO asset management will take place in the crypto-legal structure based on trust as a legal form to provide high standards of protection for the rights of token holders and protect cash flows in blockchain projects. The Trust’s assets are legally separated from the trustee and others characters. This structure ensures the protection of the rights of all parties and excludes illegal manipulation. It is noteworthy that with the help of a trust over the centuries, the richest people have kept and transferred their property.

3. IMMO — High1000 community

Inside IMMO, a community of crypto experts called the IMMO High1000 have been created based on the DAO model. The High1000 community will support the work of IMMO and use their influence to spread the idea of the project around the world. The High1000 will vote for certain changes in IMMO, being the guarantor of the rights of all investors of the project. Members of this community will receive bonuses depending on the degree of their involvement in the project.

You can apply for entry into the community right now and if you meet all the selection criteria, theoretically you have a chance to get acquainted with the best minds of the blockchain.

4. IMMO — attention of opinion leaders

IMMO managed to attract the attention of experts such as Vitalik Buterin (CEO Ethereum), Lon Wong (First President of Foundation), Ryan Taylor (CEO Dash), Jimmy Song (the veteran Bitcoin Core developer), Tim Draper (CEO Draper VC), and other influential personalities in the crypto-space.

There are rumors that IMMO was discussed at the level of employees of G20 finance ministries, whose conference was held this summer in Buenos Aires. And according to recent information, Bitfinex, as a result of an investigation into the manipulation of the Tether course on October 14–15, found the main suspect of the price manipulation — IMMO. The experts conducted a thorough analysis of blockchain transactions and operations on the stock exchange during the instant price drop to discover an IMMO whale address causing the fluctuation.

5. IMMO — closed meetings with investors around the world

IMMO has entered the active phase of development. This has become known only recently. Worldwide, the project’s Evangelists have held closed events with large business representative and private investors. The media, of course, classified this information as an exclusive that the Rothschilds have held secret meetings. Information about business meetings was officially confirmed by Gabriel Brack, the High1000 Evangelist, but nonetheless he said that “there is nothing secret about that.”

Until now, IMMO is spoken of as a closed and inaccessible project. But the mysterious and silent IMMO eventually released a lot of public information, at least not publicized, but open to the internal community. Obviously, the project focuses on large private investors, but nevertheless, it is possible to take part in it by joining the High1000 community, and according to the IMMO Manifest, 10% of the emissions of all IMMO tokens are reserved for the community’s experts.