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Why is Everyone So Obsessed With a Non-Stop Hustle and Does It Work?

As more people have begun to turn hobbies into self-employment gigs in the past few years, the phenomena of Hustle Culture gained traction rather quickly, and many people are obsessed with the 24/7 grind — stopping at nothing to ensure the next cheque is secured and that their future prospects and goals are attainable. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as guilty of this. I constantly find myself taking on more than I can in a days time because of the belief that only through stress, dedication and a never ending to-do list — will I be able to find success.

Spoiler: That’s bullshit.

The more that I work on my side hustle and being a photographer and the more gigs that I take on, the more I am learning a few things. Firstly, quality over quantity time and time again. What is the point of taking on more that I can, especially when the quality of each gig won’t be consistent each time. The issue that I found within myself was that I was taking on more and more because I wasn’t obsessed with having a strong hustle ethic, but because of how it make me appear to be busy — to others, it looked like I was constantly booked, which is true, but what I could see was myself not being able to deliver a product that was actually quality and worth sharing with the world.

I think that there’s nothing wrong with being a consistent go-getter in the same way that there is nothing wrong with knowing when you have too much on your plate, and making the decision to let certain things go that don’t hold as much of an importance in the end goal or just down the line. I believe that a lot of people involved in hustle culture feel the need to constantly work harder and harder for a number of reasons but I can only speak for myself. As a recent graduate planning to pursue Photography as a freelancer in the very near future, it is a very scary thought and I have often thought about how I can utilize every second of my day to the best of my ability, turning each moment into a dollar sign in the end. If I’m eating, I can be responding to emails. If I have a commute to a photoshoot, I can edit some photos from the last. Each second of the day is important and can be used for work, but it can also be used to relax. To feel the air in your lungs, and simply appreciate the happiness that comes with existing in a specific moment.

Does non-stop hustle end up paying off in the end? Of course. The results are incredibly subjective in the end because no two people grind the same and everyone has a different end goal. When I’m on top of my game booking shoots, delivering edits back to clients and posting and using Instagram to the best of my ability; I can always see a huge peak in my following numbers, it pays back in the end. However, when I’m constantly going and not giving myself time to just experience the moment that I’m existing in — then I constantly feel overworked and exhausted and ultimately, I find that I don’t take the best photos that I can because my brain simply isn’t in the right place.

But does it work? It does. But everything is about balance. Be selective with how you carry out a non-stop hustle and choose where and when your focus is needed and when you can sit back and have a non-stop Netflix hustle.