iPhone X

iPhone X

I’ve had the iPhone X for a whole weekend and that’s given me enough time to come up with some thoughts on the device.

The iPhone X is the first iPhone to give me the same feeling I had with the original iPhone.

From a design perspective, the iPhone X is a beautiful phone and it’s unmistakably Apple. The glass back and stainless steel band give the phone a great look and remind me of the iPhone 4, the last iPhone to really push the design envelope and introduce a radical redesign. Looks wise, you can’t go wrong with this thing.

Coming from an iPhone 7+ there’s been an adjustment period for me when it comes to dealing with a smaller device, but my pockets certainly don’t mind it.

Here are some more quick thoughts:

  • The “notch” isn’t that big of a deal. It’s noticeable and there’s no getting around it, but it hasn’t bothered me.
  • Apps DO bother me though. A lot of apps haven’t been updated to fit the iPhone X, which can lead to wonky experiences in some cases. I hope developers update their apps sooner rather than later.
  • Face ID is great and I love it. It’s incredibly fast and feels like a game changer. Which leads me too:
  • I don’t miss Touch ID. Or the home button for that matter. In fact, I’ve only reached for the home button once and that was when I was turning the phone on for the first time. My only issue has been annoyingly opening the notifications pane because I don’t reach down far enough when unlocking the phone. Also, I’m not worried about it being less secure.
  • Gestures navigation is easy to use, intuitive and feels natural.
  • The keyboard annoyingly floats above the bottom of screen
  • The screen. My goodness this screen is just 🤤

Overall, I’m loving phone and I’m really excited about where Apple is headed with the iPhone. Now, maybe try it in a plus size option?

What do you think about the iPhone X, I’d love to hear your thoughts.