What a ride it’s been, Twitter…

Three years ago (2013) I jetted off to San Francisco for my first day at Twitter . I remember trying to sleep the night before I was to walk into HQ, I lay wide awake the entire night — you couldn’t contain my excitement.

Walking into HQ that morning was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, I couldn’t believe what was actually happening here, you couldn’t wipe that smile off my face. It soon hit me that I was now working for one of the most progressive and exciting companies on the planet.

Three years on and I’ve had the real privilege to be part of something truly special, a global company building up a startup in Australia. This opportunity has been like no other in my life, I’ve built amazing relationships and partnerships, travelled the world, managed multiple verticals, met some of the most inspirational people in the world and not to mention working alongside the most incredible global and local teams.

The past few months I’ve had to make one of the toughest decisions of my career. That is to leave an amazing opportunity here at Twitter for a brand new challenge to sink my teeth into as ‘Director of Social’ at Southern Cross Austereo — Australia’s leading media and entertainment company. It’s a role and opportunity to collaborate creatively with some of the smartest minds in the industry and lead a first class team, a role I couldn’t turn down.

During my time at Twitter I’ve had the honour to spend so much time with the SCA team throughout their offices around Australia. I love the way they think about innovation and how digital and social are such core focus areas of their business, a leading business I truly believe in.

Twitter will always have a special place in my heart, the great people at this company and their values have shaped me into a better person as well as challenging me to think beyond what’s just in front of me. Twitter is here to stay, it’s a company I believe in and a company that has changed how the world communicates. I’m so proud to be part of Twitter’s story.

To my colleagues….You all continue to inspire me everyday, keep believing, keep fighting and keep communicating to build trust. You’re all part of something truly amazing at Twitter.

I’ll be with Twitter until early November, have a little break then kicks things off pretty soon after that. I’m going to play a part in hiring my replacement, so if you’re reading this or know anyone that would be a great fit for an incredible company, keep an eye out on jobs.twitter.com or DM me on Twitter.



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