Gi, major studio

DAY 1 begin to end

For the first day, I wanted to interview people with the question of what they see me as an animal.

The reason why I made this piece was to explore the people’s thoughts on me. what do they see me? how do they see me.. and so on. Also, is there a easier way of describing the character of a person with a word? And I came up with the idea of asking people what do they see me as an animal. Because I needed to know what majority people would think of me as an animal, I interviewed 21 people to calculate the general animal that they picked.

I believe the potential competition already exists a lot, there are lots of interviewing videos. Because this is a personal question and the purpose is to see myself through people’s eyes, the idea can be rare.

One of the challenging things that I had was people were hesitating a lot. It supposed to be a quick question, but people could not come up with an answer right away so I didn’t time them.

these are the pictures for planning my idea for the next 5 days.

screenshot from the interview

editing the footage of.. planning and also interviews.

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