Settling the Thesis theme..

I will go with the spy/agent theme !

Thesis : make a game that involves people’s body movements.

Adding a spy/agent theme will make the game more interesting, specially story-wise.

Figuring out the goal of the game..

A spy or agent is missing, so the Anonymous House(name for now) is to test people whether you are suitable for the job. You(user) are challenged to go through the test where you can become a spy or an agent. Once you become a spy, or agent, missions and orders will come from the House, you need to complete the missions so that you can become ultimate agent.

Figuring out the story..

You are one of the many people who entered the society of agent. The society doesn’t welcome you, but they will find the potential of you by testing your abilities through the app. They will recommend you to join them, they will give out the missions once you complete the training camp. You will have different situation-based missions, for example, delivering a package to someone, penetrating the small factory to grab information, combat with other agents and so on.

As the story progresses, you find out an agent is missing, after that, other agents are keep disappearing, too. The House gives a mission that there is a spy inside of our organization, we have to find out who is the spy. The user will go through missions that relates to this story. The climax, you find out who is the spy and you fight with him. You didn’t see his face because he was wearing a mask. You slowly takes his mask off, and you will be shocked. He looks just like you. Actually you were in the mental hospital and you decided to get out, made your own fantasy spy world, and you finally realized that you are outside of mental hospital.

Figuring out the Mechanism..

how to combat — using a device rotation or acceleration function, if a person moves the device quickly, ex) acceleration of 4.00, then you block/hit someone.

how to walk — use stepCounter to calculate if the person is moving or not.

how to splint — I don’t know.

how to stealth — using device rotation, if a person moves outside of range -3.00~3.00, then the message “you moved too much, mission failed.” will popup.