THESIS story (script details) voice over

— — — — — — — — — Scene #1

the beginning

(intro- user downloads app and the beginning)
some one :…who are you? why are you here? In order to enter, you need to answer what we ask you. How did you find us? (button choices), who are you? (button choices) what is your name? (button choices) have you ever experienced to become an agent? (button choices)

some one :(looking at me up and down) I see.. follow me, I want to test you some skills. first thing you can do is to walk normally but stealthy. do it.

..hmm. not bad, next, let’s see some of your moves, just throw a few punch to the air.
mechanism — punch..(do functions)
…so you seem like you boxed for several years.. nice punch. And.. can you walk a little? I just want to see how you walk. You know, you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at how he walks, go ahead.

mechanism — walk (do functions)
… you sure you didn’t do this kind of job before? Interesting. OK, go home for now, we will discuss whether you suit for the job or not.

— when the user enters the screen it says “SJSA pending..”(after 5 mins)

that midnight — phone call : “come to Harlem, 116st tomorrow at 9 AM if you are ready.” hangs up. (after 3 mins)

achieved documentation(document that you are in)

Next day- 116st East Harlem.

some one :OK, we decided to train you and accept you as an agent. But you need to go through some training with us because it’s dangerous. More than you think. Just remember, it will not be easy. This is real, so we want to test you to the real environment. Our training facility is in the real world, take this, this is a headphone, so you will follow and hear what our operator says. (recommend headphone) operator can distinguish your location so he can give you a direction what to do.

mission — follow a suspicious spy
We got a info that a guy has a valuable information. He is in the building now, when he gets out, you should follow him. (what about you?) I’m just going to watch you. He will be out soon… oh wait, there he is. go, go. but not close, alright?

use pedometer, follow a guy, — fail mission

…well. this is a first time. Remember, close, but not too close. He will be more careful next time, so we have to be more stealthy. Meet me at the west subway corner of central park. 4 days from today, 9 AM. I will forward what you have to prepare. And, don’t be late.

(union square picture shows up.)

Alright, this is the spot where the guy shows up regularly. We disguised a little bit, so he won’t recognize us that fast. Last time we missed the guy, so this time, if necessary, you can use force to knock him down. But we need the information, so you need to take whatever he has. (is that him?)

Yes, pretend your reading a newspaper. OK, now follow him. I will go around so when you miss him, I will catch. Go!

pedometer mission

there’s no one here, grab him and threaten him, if necessary, use force.
the Guy:
hey, who are you!? shit, let me go!
YOU : you will tell me whatever you have.
the guy: I don’t know anything!
YOU : we know who you are! now tell me!
the Guy : no! I said I don’t know anything!
Punch him to talk — 4 times
the Guy : AH! HUK.. ok,ok.. um.. what I know is that I know a guy and, and he told me that the meeting will be tomorrow at the place called “Mat’s Diner”, that’s all I know.. ah…
You : I see..
Some one : good, good! nice work, now just walk away, just walk away like nothing happened before anybody notices, quickly!

walk — pedometer

Some one : good job, meet me at the bottom.
you : ..
what is this? what is the meeting? actually, I don’t even know your name! tell me what’s going on.
Some one : you are asking too many questions, this is only a tip of the ice berg. it doesn’t matter in this world. All it matters is to stay alive and get information. You can call me Agent 23.

— tutorial version , purchase full version to unlock the story

Agent 23 : …meet me tomorrow at the place at 5:30, alright? Good work.

Place picture , having a dinner(diner)

Agent 23 : I will have this with extra bacon, thank you. ..Look, we work anonymously, and no one knows completely how things operate here, which makes us more secure. Once you get caught, no one can protect you, so it’s better to know the least amount and you will be safer. Our target is having a dinner with a client now.. you see the person over there? yeah, the one who has a long face. That’s him. After he gets the ..whatever he needs, you are going to follow him. Alright? Ah.. seems like he’s getting

Ok, now, follow him but don’t make him notice you.

pedometer — and combat, theaten, gets the info

Agent 23 : good! good job, meet me at the place that I told you, good job.

— — — — — — — — — Scene #2

enters the society

place picture ; office, some people..busy working office

Agent 23 : did you make sure no ones following you? good. Sit, I want to introduce our um.. “members.” This is Agent 9, Agent 50, and the operator.

Agent 5, Agent 50 : Hi, welcome to the board.

operator : nice to meet you.

You : Nice to meet you guys.

Agent 23 : yeah, well, we have our separate missions, so you will not bump into each other but it’s good to know who’s working for who, so you don’t accidentally kill him, you know? Haha. Anyway, come.

(Enters a room)

OK, this is our chief, Steve.

Steve : Nice to meet you, I heard you did good on the first mission.

You : um..yes

Agent 23 : I will go outside for a moment, see ya.

Steve : ..You see, people don’t really notice there are war going on between spies and agents, but it happens so quietly that no one notices. We cannot reveal ourselves to the people outside, governments, police and.. especially, terrorists. That’s why we give out separate missions, and no one clearly knows other agents’ missions. So.. just follow what we tell you, which makes you safer. Alright? you are good to go.

Agent 23 : done? good, let’s get to work.

Training pics — train and work for 6 months and after..

— — — — — — — — — Scene #3

finds out about terrorist


Agent 23 : OK, you ready? follow me.

in the SJSA — sound : office background
arrives to a desk
Now, you are in a level to here this. You see, we are facing a dangerous situation here. Terrorist that we are trying to kill is ALI ATWA, the creator of “Haraquedal”. He kills people without mercy. These days, they are quiet, because they are preparing something big. Like really big one. We don’t know what it is. So, we are gathering information about them, but it’s hard to get it.
Remember the guy you beat the shit out of, and got the information? he is the “helper” to the terrorist organization. The good thing about terrorist organization is that they send people separately, so we don’t have to worry about dealing with a lot of them. The problem is that they act so quietly so it’s very hard to figure out what they are hiding and planning. Thankfully, one of our agents figured out that one of them has a “deal” in the factory. Your mission is to intercept the deal and find out what they are up to.

pedometer — run-combat — run

(place of the core. every agent and chief officer are here, looking at the object)

agent 23 : good job, what is it?

some agent : it seems like a water.. it looks …clear.

some agent : yeah, it looks like it’s not dangerous.. but it’s from the terrorist, so it must be deadly.

Steve : we are not sure yet.. we should leave this to scientists.

(picture of scientists, with microscope)

says (analyzing..)

(table. agents are gathered, analyst has the chemical, explains)

analyst : OK, THIS, is a very powerful chemical. We analyzed it, at first it creates a similar symptom of cold, and when people think it’s cold, it destructs our body system like kidney failure, stops the blood from going to their brains. Also, it generates viruses that can be moved to an another host. Meaning, if you cough or while breathing, people around you have a high chance to get infected. The bad news is, people will think this is a normal cold until they feel different about their body.

we are still figuring out how to make an antidote, but it’s in the process so we are not sure.

agent 23 :…. this is so much worse than we thought. It has to stop quickly, otherwise they will release this into ocean, and we are dead.

— — — — — — — — — Scene #4

notices the spy

Agent 23 : OK, one of our agents has an information that the chemical came out from the abandoned factory located inside of mountain. We sent people, looked at it, they are making a massive amount of these products, it’s just terrible. So what we are going to do, is we gonna attack with our squad, destroy all the chemicals, and get them to talk where the organization is hiding.

You : why can’t we let the police or government to know this ?

Agent 23 : No! this is our job and when it gets loud, people will know, and you saw what the joker did in the batman movie, right? people PANIC. people go crazy about this and they will abandon the city.. and.. you know what happens when.. OK. Think of this city, turns into a massive mental hospital. It’s easier to visualize that way. That’s what exactly terrorists want. We cannot let that happen. Anyway, enough talking, be there on time. See you tomorrow, be prepared.

(mountain, woods, people with suits in the woods, walking towards a factory)

you : Hmm.. it seems like it’s too open place for them to work..

Agent 23 : you ready? let the agents go in, we take care of people who comes out. Remember, don’t kill all of them, we need information.

Chief Agent : Alright, go.

(agent going towards )

(bam, door opens, people goes inside. )

some agent : Wait.. it’s little weird, they already took off. The bottles are here, but.. why didn’t they carry with them?

chief agent : keep looking, maybe they took off.. but we can find some clues around here.

(BAAAAAAAMMMMM — bomb exploded)

some agent : Shit.. Ahh, bomb! it’s a bomb! Ahh!! (gunshot)

(starts gunshot as a background)

Agent 23 : what the hell?! it’s a trap??! they are too many, we are out numbered, we have to run, go! if we cannot connect, meet me at the cafe !(sounds fading)


Terrorist : hey! stop! or I will shoot! (the player stops)

Terrorist : Ok, put your hands up. Turn around.. walk towards me.

(voice : punch to knockdown terrorist now)

(punch-5 times)

Terrorist : ah!!

(Run -keep running)

You : (heavy panting) ha…ha….

(ends up in a motel)

you : it was a trap… shit..

(hear footsteps)

you : what is that?


— — — — — — — — — Scene #5

find out who is spy

— — — — — — — — — Scene #6

finds the lead to go to terrorist

— — — — — — — — — Scene #7

in·fil·trate the terror organization

— — — — — — — — — Scene #8

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