A B2B Digital Marketing Strategy For New Businesses

A B2B digital marketing strategy is hard to come up with, especially with the fierce competitiveness of the industry in itself. But, as we say here at ANCHOVY.; no goal is too big, and no obstacle can stop a collective force working towards a common goal; your growth.

In this post, we would like to share with you some of our B2B digital marketing strategies that new businesses can use and adopt.

Also, if you have any questions on this, be sure to get in touch using the contact form on this page. Let’s get into it.

Focus On Digital First

With any given digital marketing strategy, the first thing you have to come up with is your marketing budget that your company can afford to spend.

In 2017, this is important more than ever seeing as how more and more brands are recognising the importance of a digital strategy. Even in the B2B landscape, brands are competing for attention thus this “boom” drives up costs for you just to be able to compete.

Take the plunge now and set aside a marketing budget that is strictly for digital, for best uses of how to use your marketing budget, contact ANCHOVY. for a more personalised recommendation.

Keep Your Eye On The Data

B2B is an extremely tough and competitive market so if you do not keep your eyes on data, you will be going into this strategy “blinded” not knowing how your efforts are performing and more important; what is the return on investment of your marketing budget.

Data is the north star here for us at ANCHOVY., and it should be for you too. All the key platforms where you decide to market your B2B brand have an analytics platform thus data is readily available and can be used to better your digital marketing strategy.

Content Has A Say In This Too

For brands to get attention online, you must realise that content still reigns supreme and although some form of content may be doing better than the rest (hello live video), all of the different types of content have their own benefits so do not be afraid to explore and find your “zone.”

Using The Right Tools In Social

As a B2B business, the ideal social network for you to be on is, of course, LinkedIn, which you can also use to run targeted media buying campaigns through the use of LinkedIn Ads.

While yes, LinkedIn should be your starting point if you’re just starting out on social, it quite literally won’t cost you anything if you spend some time exploring the many benefits that other platforms bring to the table.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and yes Snapchat can still be beneficial in a B2B digital marketing strategy if you know how to use them with the intent of the user on that site.

Get in touch with one of our social media managers and see how ANCHOVY. can help you make use of all the social media platforms that are (luckily) available to us in this new “digital world.


This has been going for a while but “going mobile” became yet again another focus for digital marketers everywhere. In late 2016, search engines (read; Google) announced that now they will prefer mobile optimised sites over desktop sites, even if the user is browsing through a desktop.

This is surely the beginning of the end for sites, brands and entire business that refuse to adapt to the “new way of doing things’ so make sure you’re not on the losing end of this digital revolution.

Get your B2B business involved with the new conversion beast ConvRes™ and see how you can become another ANCHOVY. success story.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead! In fact; when it comes to B2B marketing strategies, it still is the number one point of contact for two businesses doing business together.

Forget the naysayers as email is still a powerful tool that you can use to singlehandedly to build your business and get more customers.

We are here to help too so if let us know how we have used email to build brand equity for brands such as Lufthansa, Visa, Costa Coffee and more.

Thank You For Reading

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Originally published at anchovyinc.com on January 11, 2017.

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