Does Brad Stevens have the Celtics in a headlock?

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Let me take you back to November 2016, not too long ago. Demarcus Cousins was traded a few months later in Feburary for a minimal package. Easily could have been topped by Ainge and co. (emphasis on co.). Here is what Zach Lowe of ESPN said in November when asked about whether the Celtics will make a run for Cousins.

“”A year ago, six months ago, I would have said yes,” Lowe replied. “And what’s interesting to me — look, everyone knows the Celtics have the goods to make a real offer, although … maybe that Nets pick isn’t the golden ticket we thought it was going to be. We’ll see. I think the Nets will regress, long story short. So I think (Celtics president of basketball operations) Danny (Ainge) would gamble. I don’t think that is the majority view of the organization, including the coach.” that was taken from a Masslive article

So lets get this straight the man who got an extension before he accomplished anything. After getting bounced in the first round two straight seasons. And didn’t look all that competitive against the Hawks in season two. “But he is a young coach we are lucky to be there!” Exactly why is he getting an extension so early and for so long. The terms were not released so he is here probably forever. Why should your coach who hasn’t proved he can win anything dictate you adding a ton ten player in the league? Does Stevens have this whole franchise in a headlock?

That is old news and he is a building block for the future of the franchise. But having your coach be your best asset is nothing, Felger and Mazz go in on this all the time. And they are facts. Having a the best coach means next to nothing.

Could this have effected another internal decision this summer with Josh Jackson? Jackson cancelled his workout with the Celtics while they were on their way to watch him. That apparently rubbed them the wrong way. He said he had no time to workout with the Celtics after they completed their trade with the 76'ers. Jackson explained himself, this quote comes from a story on ESPN dot com about the situation.

“ “They did a little bit of moving around with their pick,” Jackson said. “I felt like they made it pretty clear who they were going to draft with the №1 pick, so I didn’t really feel like it was worth either of our times for me to work out with them. But then when they, you know, did the flip and went to №3, by then it was too late.”

Jackson was asked if he was concerned whether the decision to skip a Celtics workout would affect him in Thursday night’s NBA draft.

“It could, it may or may not,” he said. “But like I said before, I’m just happy to be here. Wherever I end up Thursday, I’ll be happy.” “

This makes sense for Jackson. Why waste time working out for the team with the number one pick when there were two clear top players in the draft. Do that and he could miss out on a workout with a team in slots 3–9, his draft range.

Wow, and guess what? Jackson has a large personality off the court. He had to attend anger management courses and he once beat up another persons car. He is kind of a hot head, just like Cousins.

How could the Celtics take something personally that Jackson was doing to try and keep himself draftable by many teams and not just the Celtics and Brad Stevens.

They instead go with the “safer” pick in Jayson Tatum who looks like Jeff Green turned 18 again. Josh Jackson was the better player and fit the style Stevens plays better. He is ten times the defender Tatum is but is a little heated off the floor. Oh the horror!

Marcus Smart is on the team. He was a hot head in college when he shoved a fan and is still reletivley a hot head to this day. But, Ainge tried to deal him this offseason. He took calls on him. Also lets not forget when the Celtics went out and got their top of the line guy, they got the most boring guy out there instead of Cousins, in Al Horford. Does this guy even talk? Does he even show one ounce of emotion on the court when he doesn’t get pushed around in the game so he has to retaliate? No.

There is reason to believe that Brad Stevens is afraid to coach hot heads, and there is evidence to back it up.

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