Zipfian Academy at gSchool Week 2

Week 2 is now in the books. Going into this week we were told by the instructors that week 2 would be the most difficult of the entire course content wise, only a little nerve racking!

Overview of the week:

  • Week 2 consisted of many topic in statistics and probabilities: Probabilities, Estimation and Sampling including Bootstrapping(which was new territory for me), Frequentist hypothesis testing(most of my education before this was in bayesian), Bayesian statistics, Power calculation, and Multi-armed bandit algorithms.
  • We had a very interesting meetup talk from Shankar Iyer, Data Scientist at Quora. He spoke about how answers to questions posted on Quora progate and reach users on the site. Surprisingly, while answers posted from users with 1000+ followers achieved the highest amount of initial velocity of views, the final propagation over a long period of time from these users was not incredibly higher than lower followed users. This leads to a really great conclusion that even new and low followed users can have a large effect on the site.
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