Blueprint for Rebuilding the Inner Cities

This paper is designed to show how inner cities can be rebuilt at the grassroots level block by block.

Trump has stated that he will be making contracts with the inner cities to help fix them. He is starting where we need him to start and that is with jobs. With jobs comes stability. Once jobs begin to flow this can be implemented.

Part 1: Deciding who to start fixing first. This can be through petition, lottery or community action campaigns. Choose 3 locations. Start small at first as any bugs will need to be worked through, all eyes will be on the project and trial and error will be high. This rebuilding with be from the bedrock infrastructure up to job creation.

  1. Have a big propaganda campaign to have communities compete on who will be participating first. Community involvement is paramount to success of this program. It will be the community that will be participating in the reclamation. This is vitally important. A work crew could come into the community, renovate everything for the community and within a year it will be back to being a disaster. Why? Human nature. This goes back to the fish story and dependence vs. independence. If the community rebuilds their section of it, they will take care of that section, This is why throwing money at problems never works.
  2. Start a nationwide community discussion in meeting form. This brings the communities together with the police, the city managers and even district senators. If every city, community and neighbor begin to start talking, change will come. Small to large changes.
  3. Audit front runners to the competition to ascertain viability. There may be some communities that the only way to help them is raze them. This is not saying they don’t matter, but for the first 3 examples pick the best from the following criteria:

a. Pick a diverse mixed usage area. The hope in rebuilding the area will be adding businesses with jobs. The ideal would be having at least 35% jobs within the neighborhood, the higher this percentage the better. Let the community benefit directly by being employed within the community.

b. Pick an area close to a police substation. We will be getting help from our men and women in blue. Part of rebuilding the community is rebuilding the trust of the community with our law enforcement. This is vital. Part of the contract with the community is cooperation with higher enforcement in these areas. (To be explained later.)

c. Pick an area that has a school in it. Part of the community involvement will be supporting and community policing it’s school.

d. Audit problem areas for potential cost overruns.

e. Create a community center, existing or created. When all else fails, part of the school perhaps. Very important the community has a place to come together. This community center will also double as daycare facilities. (More on that later.)

f. Create Green spaces where community gardens can exist. Nothing is more heartening as children learning where their lunch vegetables come from.

g. Churches to coordinate community members and maintain master schedules since they are the most available to volunteer.

Part 2: Money.

  1. Set up a budget for the project. Encourage staying within the budget or coming in under budget. Cover the budget at the initial community meeting and all other meetings after. List budget items on a white board, set goals to stay within project scope and below budget. How do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time. Make sure it is easy for the community to understand the moving parts.
  2. Hire a project planner (the best) to set up the individual moving parts of the project. They will be creating the blueprint for future community upgrades. Not only will they be overseeing the day to day, they will be tasked with creating the entire master plan. Each of the 3 project planners will be coordinating with each other and discussing options, improvements and hang ups. They will develop this plan together and will be creating the blueprint for the future.
  3. After picking the section of city to renovate bring in an architect to conceptualize the neighborhood working with the community. No work is to be done until the plans are solidified. Get the community excited about the changes.
  4. Hire local. As close to the community as possible. Create lists of what the community members can do, electrician, plumber, etc. They are called first. Get as many young people, criminals, mothers, etc from the community to participate. All labor will be community members first. There will be no cronyism or corruption allowed here. All members will contribute in some form or fashion. (Community contracts will be covered later.) The community MUST be responsible for and participate in their rebuild. Vitally important.
  5. The Democrat party’s agenda is contrary to this plan so assigning anything to democrats must be discouraged. Rahm Emanuel has done nothing to help the citizens of Chicago. Working this plan in Chicago will mean having the communities bring pressure to bear on him and the democrat party. This is something to consider when picking locations.

Part 3: Attract business.

  1. Everywhere possible the Architects will be adding business space. Small business is the backbone of the country. These business will be for supporting the community as well as providing jobs. Attract in Jiffy Lubes, the dry cleaners, etc. All that support a higher lifestyle. Create the community to strive for middle class status.
  2. Attract medium to large size business. This is a harder sell, but it can be possible. Get high powered businessmen to contribute their time to this cause.

Part 4: Community Contracts.

  1. Contract for Work. All community members will be signing a contract devoting what they can of their time and resources.
  2. Criminals will be given a second chance and to be able to work at will regardless of their history. They will be given a clean slate and recommendation letters for the tasks they accomplish. In lieu of this they will promise to give up being a criminal. They won’t steal, lie or cheat. This is their second chance. Recommendation letters from people in high places should go a long way to them being happily employed and on to a better life.
  3. If training is needed, we will find a way to train them. This country desperately needs trade schools. We find teachers to give on the job training. Perhaps local businesses will trade free employee time for free training. It is good to have businesses work side by side by the community, this will discourage the “businesses are evil” concept.

B. Contract for Policing. The community will be signing a contract that criminality will not be tolerated. The law enforcement will be signing a contract that they will do everything they can to catch crime, prevent crime and follow up all crime for the well being of the community.

a. Police will be working with the community both on or off the clock. The community needs to meet them and work side by side. This serves to put a face on Law Enforcement. The more people meet each other, the easier it is to police. We need LEO buy in for this as the hatred toward our police has gotten way out of hand and it is true that community engaged policing helps everyone. We can stop the assassination of our law enforcement.

b. Crimes in the area that is being rebuilt, the penalty will be doubled. An effort needs to be taken to reclaim the areas from gangs. Only the community working in concert with the police can this happen.

c. The community needs to be taught how to interact with police. This is why this contract is so important. The community must decide if they want law and order or go back to the lawless state it used to be in. Both the community and the police need to be brutal in their ability to keep the crime out. It will get easier as time passes.

C. Contract to maintain the community. The responsibility for the health of the community is only through its members.

D. Churches to coordinate volunteer work. All churches within the community to cooperate together.


  1. Each community will be self contained as much as possible for the health of the community. This includes a school, community center, daycare facilities and church involvement. A total package where everyone takes care of each other. Constant planning for job creation is a must.
  2. The entire section of the community will be rebuilt to look fabulous and something to be proud of and something to take care of.
  3. Daycare can be set up to be inexpensive at the community center based on parental participation. If a parent is required to work at the daycare two times a month, there should be more than enough parents to create full time volunteer staff. This will supplement paid staff and keep rates low. This must be a requirement for participation.
  4. If parents are at the community center, they can teach classes, maintain order and add to the community. See B above. There should be minimal paid staff. Adult community members must volunteer. Also, this would be a good place for mobile elderly to mingle with young people. Very crucial to have a family structure here and healthy for the elderly as well as the young people. It must be a requirement.
  5. Total community involvement in our schools. Parents need to volunteer to be teachers assistants. The parents need to see what shit teachers take from their kids and nip it. The school system must be forced to let the parents in.
  6. Serious job creation for the community who up to this point has been poverty ridden. We must make a concerted effort to get people off of welfare. Persistent welfare is slavery. Welfare destroys the community.
  7. Taking crime out of the community. When the crime goes, drugs will go. If we are able to convert an entire city over time, less crime, less gangs and less drugs. The health of the city rises. Through unrelenting policing and community watches will accomplish this. Safety of the community is vital.
  8. In the end, money paid out by the government will decrease as welfare decreases, the community will have their needs met and the community will be happier and healthier.

Health of a community and the people within must be paramount. We can do this one block at a time, one section at a time. There is no excuse in the most wonderful country in the world we can’t accomplish this and over time will be more cost effective on our tax dollars.

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