On the extreme positive, I’m receiving a lot of feedback because a marketing video for a product I’ve designed is getting pretty big. On the minor negative, it means I’ve had to solidify my feelings on negative feedback, and how I respond to it publicly.

I’ve always believed nobody’s ever “wrong,” and I try to interact with others with that mindset. In the first place, I see life as a mishmash of human constructs and whatever the heck else, so when I disagree with anyone I try to describe it as a disagreement rather than anyone being wrong. …

But this isn’t a scathing review of my experience with printers, and it won’t have anything about the new year on it, or the last one. I guess this title is a bit irrelevant then, but since you’ve already started reading, maybe you’ll stick around?

The thing is, for how large the printer industry must be and how much demand there certainly is for them, it would be absolute insanity for them to just… suck. Important, profitable technology that functions inconsistently and often undesirably for end users at this point in human technology is… well, it’d be almost supernatural. …

It must be really hard creating new ways to reach people with social media, but it doesn’t feel like it’s because of a lack of new ways to do so. I recently started my first Thunderclap campaign, after hearing about it about a month ago — and when I heard of it, I was surprised I hadn’t before. It’s an incredible idea, condensing your social reach into a moment, giving smaller campaigns a chance to shine for a moment.

And yet, there’s a danger with using Thunderclap: the chance that when you share your Thunderclap campaign itself, rather than actually supporting your campaign on TC itself, people may simply share that link. The core social media platforms that exist now (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), are so common, so habitual, that we’re kind of past the point where we can introduce new social media, without providing it in the context of the ones we have now. …


Chris Lin

A Mechanical Engineer coming out of an Aerospace Startup and hoping to work on consumer product design, and launching a Kickstarter (again).