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Playing with fire.

Chris Livingston
Oct 14, 2017 · 1 min read

You brought me fire when I was cold

We were cold together and we shared the Fire

And there was hope in the light in the darkness in the fire

And I brought you fire when you were cold

And we shared the Fire together

And I burned you

And scared you

And scarred you

And you burned me

And scared me

And scarred me

And we were scared

And fear separated us

The fire was still warm and we still shared it

And there was still hope in the light and the Fire and the flames

But the burns changed the affinity

The burns will heal

Some will leave scars

Some will heal entirely

But scars are healed injuries

Even if they’re also reminders

And burns teach us not to let the fire burn too hot

And that there is danger and fear that comes with warmth and hope

And even light

But you will always bring the hope and the warmth

and the light

And I will always carry the fire.

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