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About a year ago my sister who works for a startup in Santa Monica and I were talking about podcasts. She listens to them it seems like 24/7. I really hadn’t listened to them, and she was raving all about the startup ones (plus Serial). I cringed, and quickly changed the subject. The thought of listening in my off time to startup focused podcasts just didn’t excite me…. since that’s what I do all day. (Suddenly I understood why my mother didn’t want to watch ER or Grey’s Anatomy ~ she is a nurse by trade, lightbulb!)

Fast forward to the beginning of this summer, in May I ‘discovered’ the HBO series Entourage. Similar to my podcast journey, I think I had tried to get into the show a couple of times but the it never clicked for me until this summer and then I binge watched it. With the film coming out, I came across Jerry Ferrara’s Bad4Business podcast and found a groove. (And subsequently fell in love with movies again with after a 5 year hiatus. ) Surprisingly or not, almost all of the podcasts I am loving are with creators both in front of and behind the camera. I walk away always inspired. Here are my favorites at the moment.

  1. Off Camera with Sam Jones — Sam is a photographer who ususally has a relationship with his guests from prior gigs where they were his subjects for magazine shoots. Favorites so far: Robert Downey, Jr., Rashida Jones(!), Judd Apatow, Chris Moore, & Zach Braff.
  2. Bad4Business w/ Jerry Ferrara and Breanne Racano — this is podcast that sucked me in, I love how almost all of their guests are friends of theirs and you fell as though you’re lucky just to be listening into their wine/beer/coffee talk. The banter between Jerry & Bri is definitely fun to, she keeps him grounded in the right way. (Sidenote: they recently launched a Bad4Business Sports podcast as well which is solid)
  3. Industry Standard w/Barry Katz — fascinating peel back the onion conversations about the business of the entertainment industry. Loved his conversation with Judd Apatow.
  4. Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin — hat’s off to my friend, Justin Davis, for the intro. Alec has excellent, interesting conversations with people of New York. From musicians to actors to writers, all solid.
  5. Tim Ferris — Last but not least, Tim’s podcasts are around increasing human performance and/or how people live their best life. Love his conversations with Chris Sacca and Tara Brach.
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