How to Prototype for VR without Coding

Technology, eyesight and focus

Courtesy of Jan Mellstrom and Pedro Lasta from and Naresh Kumar from

Dimensions for AI and C4D

5400 x 1008 pixels. I normally increase the BG so there’s more/less distance between the viewer and the UI.
Screen recording of my final scene with an AE Welcome screen animation.
Welcome screen (done in Illustrator and After Effects)
An HDTV 1080 29.97 preset render (with Physical renderer)
Converting from MP4 to GIF sometimes creates banding, like in the BG lighting…
The UI is a bit dark because of the physical lighting, but it’s brighter in VR viewer.

Retail versus Online

An Information Architecture slide from my client presentation (link in top paragraph)
Top: PS traced sketches. Bottom: AI wireframe, comp and a C4D render.

Why bother?

Thanks for reading!




Designer of sorts

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Chris Locke

Chris Locke

Designer of sorts

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