Being mature too early

Not the average guy in his 20's.

— You act like my father — people say to me often.
I had changed my priorities and partying and drinking is not attractive anymore.

I understand that normally, people at their 20's, do the mostly craziest stuff of their life, but I became a boring 40 year old man trapped in a 22 year old body.


For some people, it comes later. For some others, it comes earlier. For the rest, it never comes.
I got it way to early at my 20th birthday. What a great gift, uh?

Actually, is not bad. I started to see life with other eyes. To guys with my age, this things I worry about, are just “Daddy issues”, but I started worrying as an actual Dad would do.

Life experiences are the reason why Maturity hits early. Those who never were challenged through their life, will never met Ms. Maturity.

Evaluate your life and ask yourself, if you were dealing with problems that changed your life style. How bad were they? How changed they your life?
Is so bad changing a life full of sex, drugs and alcohol for a need to live descent and in confort?

I hate Maturity right now, but I will thank it later. I really will do.

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