Thoughts on Barcelona

So far, I guess…

I love this city. I feel at home.

The first week I was here, someone tried to rob me on my way home from a club. I went and bought a knife the next week. An Australian told me that was a very American thing to do. I suppose he was right.

This city is like Bloomington on steroids with a beach and no dryers. Drinking, parties, clubs. The thriving social scene. I don’t participate in much of that except the beach. And a little bit of the social scene. I’ve met some of the popular promoters — they’re pretty cool.

I’ve noticed that I move with more intention than almost everyone around me. Maybe it’s because most people are here to get drunk and hook up, and I have more on my mind. Or maybe it’s just something that’ll be part of the equation forever because I feel like I’ve noticed the same shit in Bloomington. I hate it, but I love it.

I could see myself living in this city, although it’s incredibly touristy. I might always feel like a tourist if I were to stay here, and that’s something I wouldn’t enjoy. I know I would be more comfortable in the States. I think it’s important to find where you’re comfortable and go all in there. I sound like Gary Vaynerchuk, don’t I? He’s the reason I’m on Medium writing this anyway, so daps to him.

It’s funny because the locals with whom you interact on a regular basis start to treat you differently when they understand you’re not here for a week or two. You’re not here transactionally. You’re here to live. You’re here to work. You’re here, and it’s your city too. It kind of links you. I like that feeling.

I’ve been traveling a lot, and I have a lot of travel upcoming. I’ve made some new friends and strengthened some existing relationships. That’s fulfilling for me. I believe developing a network of support is important, and I plan to continue investing my time and effort in this regard.

When I start freestyling on this topic, I realize just how difficult it is to distill my experiences in Barcelona into a written format. Or any format for that matter. I’m simply amazed at how much I’ve learned and grown here. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to study abroad. I’m unbelievably thankful. Perhaps next time I start riffing on Barcelona, I’ll have more to say. Or perhaps not.

One thing is for sure: I love this city.

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