Connecting the ANZ TA & HR Community

Chris Long
Mar 24 · 3 min read
ANZ TA & HR Community Collaboration Document

One of ANZ’s best traits is our genuine desire to support each other. Not for pride, not for obligation, but for love. This is a precarious time for our economy and our jobs. We have the opportunity to come together to save jobs and help our TA & HR Community where it’s needed during this crisis period.

Over the past week I have spoken to a number of our community and understood that not all the resources I have seen have been by everyone, which is where the below opportunity was identified and thinking about how we might utilise the collective knowledge to help each other during these unprecedented times.

These resources include: Vendors giving access to their products like Social Talent — Getting You Back to Work or SmartRecruiters & The Recruitment Events Co with there Online Webinar or the awesome Recruiting Brainfood Newsletter.

While a number of organisations will be forced to make tough decisions and are ramping down activity and need to temporarily reduce sections of their TA & HR departments, others are experiencing unprecedented spikes in demand and are looking to expand their teams. I am hoping as one community we can help these awesome humans who are now facing these times back into jobs quickly by connecting them to the companies that are continuing to hire.

We’re all adjusting to a new way of working through this crisis, but the economic shift is affecting the TA & HR industry in different ways. It would be awesome if we could share our experiences with each other as we make our way through this and hopefully be better coming out the other side.

I have put together this is an open-source google sheet where the ANZ TA & HR Community can add Who’s Hiring, Who’s Looking, What’s On, Who’s Helping, What you’re Consuming and Who is happy to Chat.

ANZ TA & HR Community Collaboration Document

With WFH now the new norm — I’m looking at creating some social media channels to help us through our days if you are interested in joining in the fun please reach out and lets try and spread some joy when all we are seeing and hearing is doom and gloom.

Lastly as many of you will know I have been known to facilitate the odd meetup — Recruitment: Family Feud, Recruiter: Blind Date & Recruitment: The Voice… So in order to keep our spirits high and the community connected I am working through what is possible during this time — if you would like to be notified of what’s on the horizon please sign up here and I will announce shortly for us all to virtually get together for some much needed relief from our day to day stresses.

Please share widely so our community can come together and help each other — but as this is an open document for the whole community to contribute and use, please take care when editing.