Designing the Corporate Wellness Platform that Saves Lives

Chris Lorensson
Apr 2, 2017 · 7 min read

How it Works

The Big Idea

a sketch while planning the ‘add a tracker’ interaction

86% of employees surveyed in our pilot programs said that they were more active when they knew it was helping someone else at the same time.

Real-world Impact

To-date, Calorie Cloud’s Workplace Activity Challenge has saved almost 17,000 lives.

screenshot of the most common tracker selection within HTML email

The Unique Experience

Designing the Experience

a sketch while planning the responsive web-app’s main pages
a sketch while planning the on-boarding flow

Designing the Communication

UX Writing and Email Testing

email compliance testing with Litmus

Optimizing Image Delivery

<img src=”,w_30,dpr_1.0,dpr_2.0,dpr_3.0,dpr_4.0/v123456789/email/logo.png">


We found that our dedication to accessible technology tangibly increased the usability of our experience.

an early grascale web-app screenshot developed during contrast testing

Collaborating and Iterating to Success

Learn More

Watch the story videos

Meet some of the Calorie Cloud team on Twitter

Chris Lorensson

Written by

Senior UX @7Summits // Previously: @appirio @unicefkidpower @cxpartners @ascentric_wrap @fasthosts

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