Designing the Corporate Wellness Platform that Saves Lives

How it Works

The Big Idea

a sketch while planning the ‘add a tracker’ interaction

86% of employees surveyed in our pilot programs said that they were more active when they knew it was helping someone else at the same time.

Real-world Impact

To-date, Calorie Cloud’s Workplace Activity Challenge has saved almost 17,000 lives.

screenshot of the most common tracker selection within HTML email

The Unique Experience

Designing the Experience

a sketch while planning the responsive web-app’s main pages
a sketch while planning the on-boarding flow

Designing the Communication

UX Writing and Email Testing

email compliance testing with Litmus

Optimizing Image Delivery

<img src=”,w_30,dpr_1.0,dpr_2.0,dpr_3.0,dpr_4.0/v123456789/email/logo.png">


We found that our dedication to accessible technology tangibly increased the usability of our experience.

an early grascale web-app screenshot developed during contrast testing

Collaborating and Iterating to Success

Learn More

Watch the story videos

Meet some of the Calorie Cloud team on Twitter

Principal Product Designer @eHealth // Previously: @appirio @unicef @cxpartners

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Chris Lorensson

Chris Lorensson

Principal Product Designer @eHealth // Previously: @appirio @unicef @cxpartners

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