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One would think that, for accuracy purposes, the producers would have cast an actress that resembled the real person. But no. The actress who portrayed Rand in Ayn Rand’s Anal Antics #17 was tall, blonde and more siliconically-enhanced than the real Ayn Rand. According to the press sheet, #17 was the actress’ first time playing the role and she is the twelfth to have taken it on.

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Previous America 2028 reviews.

The Fountainhead is the only Ayn Rand work I have ever read. When this new movie assignment first came my way, that book from years ago came to mind. True, the story was enjoyable at twenty. Growing older though, I saw why people disliked her tale. Its lack of awareness about the world, the misogyny —

Wait. What am I doing? This is the year 2028 — why would I speak at length about such issues and run the risk of disappearing in the middle of the night?

Full disclosure here, this movie reviewer has not had the pleasure of reviewing any of the previous Ayn Rand’s Anal Antics movies. While conducting background research, I discovered a few facts that seem worth sharing with my readers. For starters, the multi-volume series had originally been envisioned as just a single stand-alone movie. An historical biopic about the influential 20th-century writer. …


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