I love your country, your history and your politics (although a little less at the moment).
Kari Major

Whoa, I spent all weekend moving stuff around, sorry it took a few days to respond. Your point about being a news junky, yeah, I used to be as well, only then it got overwhelming and the slant towards fearmongering in my articles got too stinking obvious. It was like, could you all at least try harder to disguise your intentions a bit?

Our world right now, I just keep thinking that all of this is long overdue. The negative energy was always there. That energy was suppressed by rich white guys for a long time, and it is being expressed now. My fellow Americans who are freaked out about all of this speaking out are folks who possess a love for authoritarianism above all else. I want to be a white guy who is on the side of the people airing their grievances about the system that works against them.