Apple Has Lost Its Charm
Noah Halford

RIGHT ON! You know these guys aren’t creative geniuses. As Bruno Borghi pointed out, they are all still trying to mimic Steve Jobs style during their presentations and frankly, on-stage coolness and attractive casual attire is not the forte of Tim, Craig, Phil or Eddie. You can’t be creative, or even reflect creativity, if you can’t even be yourself.

Apple products continue to be among the best no doubt, although the gap always seems to be narrowing and may not endure forever, but this is the richest company in the world and we’ve grown to expect more. The endless comments about solving TV, forays into the automobile industry, the underwhelming watch, the slow incremental improvements in key products, software that is either terribly bloated or underpowered for significant use and the loss of leadership in key sectors (Siri v Alexa) make one wonder whether those riches are being put to their best use.

By the way, wasn’t Tim’s announcing of presenters by first name only just precious — like we all know each of them as family. And has any women ever been called on to present more than once or twice, yet we see this same core group of increasingly uninteresting males over and over with the exact same style and often using the exact same superlatives each and every conference.

The marvelous new headquarters also raises questions about whether the company is losing some of its insight. It’s a well known warning to investors to beware when corporations build grandiose headquarters as icons to themselves or their leaders. Falling stock prices don’t always occur afterwards, but the resources and devotion to detail expended on such endevours would almost always be better spent on developing new products, refining existing ones or improving processes. A tip that the headquarters aren’t actually a well-thought are reports that important portions of the company have rebelled against the open office concept and aren’t moving into the new facility. Another tip is that it seems blind to the concept that it has neighbors, but is set on becoming a world of its own.

Apple still provides my favorite products, but I am increasingly motivated to check out the competitors with each potential purchase.

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