Everything is a question – How to turn every lesson into a question (an example)

Chris Marr
Nov 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Let’s say I want a group of people to know and understand the difference between interruption marketing and content marketing.

And I want to use The Columbus Principle and The Law of Three from the start.

Naturally, we could simply tell or show the audience the difference, or we could start with an obvious question like “how would you define interruption marketing?”

I think it’s important to stay away from any jargon.

So, this is how I’d turn this lesson into a question…

Q. “What type of marketing and advertising are you ignoring in your own life?”

Get examples of all the types of marketing people hate and how it makes them feel when they have to deal with this type of marketing.

They are in consumer mode right now so they will give you lots of examples and tell you what you want to tell them.

Using the Law Of Three you can dig deep and get some of your audience to express how much they hate certain types of marketing, and you can use these examples later.

“…that’s what we call interruption marketing…”

followed by a summary from the examples and feelings from the audience.

Q. “Now, if that’s the marketing that you ignore, is it possible that your prospects are ignoring the same types of marketing?”

[A resounding “yes”]

Q. “If that’s how you feel, how do you think your customers feel?”

[They feel the same as we do.]

Q. “So what do we have to do as business people and marketers to make sure we communicate in a way that our customers and prospects will pay attention to?”

And this is when they will start to understand what content marketing is, and you can use the WCC principles to lead them to the point when they truly see the difference between interruption marketing and content marketing.

“…and that’s the type of marketing we need to focus on as business people and marketers. We call this content marketing…”


As you can tell, this isn’t a segment, but it could be part of a segment that you’re teaching.

The main lesson here is that for everything you want to teach, and for every lesson you want people to learn, and for every significant word or phrase you want them to say, your challenge is to figure out how to turn it into a question to start with so they can learn and say it for themselves. So, next time you are about to tell someone the answer, or describe/explain something to them, could you turn it into a question and use your WCC training to help people learn it for themselves?

Think about what your first question would be that would start the process, and once you get started, believe in your training to help you get them there.

Everything is a question 👌



PS If you’d like me to help you with your own examples, let me know in the comments 🙏🏻

Chris Marr

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Human being. Dad to Spencer & Luna. Doing more of what makes me happy. Award winning content marketer and community creator. Embracing slow.

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