This is the exact moment I’ve been training for

Chris Marr
Oct 1, 2018 · 2 min read

I feel nervous before I speak on stage. I want to do a good job and be the best I can be. If you are continually pushing yourself, there will probably always be some nerves. I think it’s mostly healthy, unless those nerves become too much and steer you into panic and worry.

My favourite moment happens directly before I go on stage. It’s a moment of clarity, calmness and assurance.

It feels like time stands still for that brief few seconds.

In this moment I know that everything is going to be OK.

This calmness comes from my training. I have been training for this exact moment for a long time.

In this moment there are certain things I cannot control: I can’t change my slides, I can’t practice my notes, I can’t change the technology, I can’t change the room. There’s no point in worrying about what I cannot control.

I rely entirely on my training to serve me and look after me. I know that the training will kick in when I need it the most.

That’s the thing with training and continually practicing the WCC principles — often times you don’t think you need it, until you do. Until you are tested.

That’s when you can really tell how well prepared you are…when you have to react to something in a flash moment.

You forget what you were going to say. The slides fail on you. Someone heckles you from the audience. Your mic stops working. The flip chart falls over.

This is when your training shows up and serves you.

And just like all kinds of training — from being in the army to speaking to audiences — the training does not stop. You are never done.

You train continually so you can push yourself to be the best you can be.

You train continually so you don’t worry or panic when things don’t go to plan.

You train continually so you can bring your best self to the stage each time.

I’ll be back at WCC this year to work with Marcus to continue my training. I’m hosting the event, but don’t be fooled…I’m in the room with everyone else. I’m there to become a world class communicator, and the journey to that goal is never complete.

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Chris Marr

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Human being. Dad to Spencer & Luna. Doing more of what makes me happy. Award winning content marketer and community creator. Embracing slow.

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