Who’s corner are you in?

Chris Marr
Jan 25 · 2 min read

For those that have been creating content for a while…can you remember how it felt to create and publish content in your early days?

When you worked hard through all the physical and mental barriers to get that first blog, video or podcast out.

It was tough, right? Maybe it still is?

How does it feel to have your squad in your corner? Your peeps? Recognising you for your great work; the discussions on Facebook, retweeting your blog, commenting on your YouTube channel…?

I want you to remember what it is like to have that support when you need it the most, and channel that into your behaviour on social media this week.

When you see someone posting their video, blog or podcast, let them know that you can see them, you can hear them and that you recognise them for their work.

We know how hard it is to create and publish content, so I think it’s our duty and responsibility to recognise others when they do great work.

Look out for the opportunity to be the first person in the comments section, and let’s support each other to win.

From the CMA Manifesto — Elevate and inspire others: For you to be successful others must be successful too. We were born to work together.

Chris Marr

Written by

Human being. Dad to Spencer & Luna. Doing more of what makes me happy. Award winning content marketer and community creator. Embracing slow.

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