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Salesmanship — The Chameleon

Behavior Based Selling

Do you know how to mirror your customer? Do you know what to look for so that you can mirror your customer?

I’ve always known that one of the 4 key ways to become a Master Sales Professional is you have to mirror your customer. You must really build rapport and establish common ground. What I didn’t know at the time was how to identify certain behaviors that could be helpful in establishing common ground easier and building rapport with a customer faster.

I recently wrote 2 books that break this down,

Driving Sales: What It Takes to Sell 1000+ Cars Per Month

The Drive to 30: Your Ultimate Guide to Selling More Cars than Ever

Here is an excerpt from “The Drive to 30” with the DECS model I first heard about from RC Evans:


“Drivers” are customers who like to feel that they’re in control. They want to dominant every interaction and steer the conversation in the direction they want to go. The key to effectively managing this personality type is to hold your ground and never back down. They like and respect assertive people, and you must be one of those people in order to be effective.


The Eqoist’s/Expressive’s most defining trait is, ironically, your greatest advantage. You simply have to stroke their ego. Keep a stack of sincere complements handy, praise their decisiveness and admire their knowledge. But know when to stop as well! You don’t need to appear too flattering.


Complacent/amiable people are extremely friendly. It’s easy to sell to them, and you have a chance of developing a great working relation with them. Connect with them not as a business person but as a human being. You have to sell them on your personality rather than a vehicle. And, if they like what you offer, you’ll have yourself a repeat client.


The stable/analytical customers are the thinkers. Analytical people like to take their time to analyze and assess each and every aspect of the decision they’re making. They follow a decision-making system and method, and you need to think like them in order to work with them. You’ll have greater success using a visual approach. Make a chart or a list of pros and cons. Reach the analytical part of their brain, and you’ll find results.

Keep in mind every customer can have some aspect of every one of these traits, but will lean heavier on one. Learn these traits and how to mirror them and watch yourself become a Master Sales Professional.

Learn the other 3 steps by picking up your copies of my books and learn the steps I took to sell 30 cars a month and as a manager how we took a team to sell over 1,000 cars a month.

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