Connect Hue Bulbs to SkyNet

Jan 17, 2014 · 1 min read

We have been connecting more and more consumer devices to SkyNet (our machine-to-machine instant messaging network). This time we decided to connect the new Phillips Hue LED bulbs to SkyNet and control them with our REST API.

Here’s a quick YouTube video of our end result:

Here’s the source code that we used in the demo:

var skynet = require(‘skynet’);
var request = require(‘request’);

var conn = skynet.createConnection({ “uuid”: “0d3a53a0-2a0b-11e3-b09c-ff4de847b2cc”, “token”: “qirqglm6yb1vpldixflopnux4phtcsor”, “protocol”: “websocket”

conn.on(‘ready’, function(data){

console.log(‘Ready’); conn.on(‘message’, function(channel, data){ if (data.on != undefined){ request( { method: ‘PUT’ , uri: ‘’ , body: JSON.stringify({“on”: data.on})


} else if (data.hue != undefined){ request( { method: ‘PUT’ , uri: ‘’ , body: JSON.stringify({“hue”: data.hue})

}); }



Here’s the curl commands that we used for calling the SkyNet REST API:

curl -X POST -d ‘{“devices”: “0d3a53a0-2a0b-11e3-b09c-ff4de847b2cc”, “message”: {“on”:true}}’

curl -X POST -d ‘{“devices”: “0d3a53a0-2a0b-11e3-b09c-ff4de847b2cc”, “message”: {“on”:false}}’

curl -X POST -d ‘{“devices”: “0d3a53a0-2a0b-11e3-b09c-ff4de847b2cc”, “message”: {“hue”:65000}}’

Let us know what you build using SkyNet.IM!


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    Builder of companies, robots, supercomputers, and motorcycles. @magicleap @computesio #IPFS #decentralized #crypto #blockchain #IoT #HPC #SkyNet

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